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Dean’s introductory statements


The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Pavia was born more than five centuries ago. The Medical School is committed to excellence in education and has a strong reputation for teaching informed by cutting-edge research provides the ideal learning environment for students offering international level education and competitive diploma.

The University of Pavia is providing a particularly favourable environment for students: fifteen residential colleges, highly qualified basic science laboratories and excellent hospitals for clinical training give the best opportunities to develop effectively each personal skill in many different ways and fields.

The professors at the Faculty are committed to the best training of students, before and after the graduation as specialists who will have the required professional skills, individual sense of responsibility and the ability to cooperate in performing specialized tasks, both in the prevention and in the care of diseases and preserving or restoring health. Besides our students obtaining considerable specialized knowledge and good practical skills, we are also consciously trying to develop personal qualities which enable the professionals who graduate from the Faculty to fill responsible leading positions and continually renew their knowledge (continuous education). So we give priority to training affable personalities with the required self-knowledge, self-expression and the ability to establish relationships. Our training system gives to students a strong support to their potential need for lifelong learning, self-education and retraining or further training courses after graduation. To perform these tasks successfully, the Faculty has managed to create all the personal and material conditions necessary to meet today’s high standards. The training of students runs with a continuously better offer supported by more than 250 teachers (assistant, associate and full professors). The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery awaits students with seminar and lecture rooms, computer rooms, laboratories and libraries equipped with the latest technical equipments, furthermore with active student life and a stimulating learning environment. The most fascinating for international students is that while the level of training is outstanding, tuition fee and the cost of living is much lower than in other universities.

The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Pavia, with excellent clinical (IRCCS - Research Health Insitutes - and others) and research institutions closely associated offers to the students a training on a complete range of treatment options for patients. At the same time, new ideas in research and new approaches for the diagnosis and therapy of diseases are applied. The range of medical care extends from overall diagnostics to highly specialized and complex treatments necessary for uncommon diseases.

A large number of medical therapies and complicated surgical procedures, especially in the field of transplantation (bone marrow, heart, lungs and other) are performed in the clinical structures associated to the Faculty. Not only all common diseases are treated, but also rare and chronic syndromes as muscle diseases, blood coagulatory disorders, heart rhythm disorders and psychiatric disorders.

A wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic treatment options is also available for metabolic diseases, allergies and diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. Patients with complex diseases, cancer and other disorders requiring a comprehensive treatment benefit from the interdisciplinary cooperation.



Prof. Alberto Calligaro

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

University of Pavia

Università degli studi di pavia - facoltà di medicina e chirurgia

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